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Hi, Im Jerry Hodges

I am the founder and CEO of Legendary Home Business, and I belong to a group of elite entrepreneurs who collaborate to help others build a lucrative home business.

Our mission is to help more than 1,000,000 people create their Legendary Home Business and generate a consistent income to live their dream lifestyle.

It's possible. I am just a regular guy. I didn't come from a wealthy family, and I don't have some Harvard degree. As a matter of fact, I didn't even finish High School. However, I was able to build a home business and now I am helping others do the same - in record time!

This is my personal site where you can get to know more about me and access everything needed to build Your Legendary Home Business...


Here Is My Story

Nothing Ever comes Easy

Nothing has ever come easy for me, but I have always had an "I can do it" attitude. When I set my mind to something that is just the way it is going to be. Giving up is never an option, and I have to say this has always been my secret to success.

Building my internet business is no exception. After building and operating a construction business for several years, I figured building an internet business would be a piece of cake. Well that was not the case. 😳

Different rules apply to building an internet business, and in the beginning you can easily fail. Trust me, when I first started out I failed miserably...

But... I never gave up.

Finally I quit thinking I knew everything there was to know and started listening to people who were successful internet marketers.

I quit listening to the people who were offering the next get rich overnight opportunity. I realized they were actually all broke and following the "fake it till you make it" agenda. LOL.

I finally discovered someone who, rather than offer a get rich quick plan, offered training.

When I started listening to him and following his advice, things changed quickly.

Now you might be wondering what my life was like before I started Legendary Home Business.

Well..... here goes.... 🤔


Internet Entrepreneur was not even a thing in 1972 when I quit school and headed out on my own. Racing motorcycles was my passion and making a living did not come easy.

Auto and motorcycle repair was my profession well into the 80's. Building my own business was not something I would have even thought possible. 

In the mid to late 80's I started working construction because the money was good. At that point I really did not like construction. It is very hard work, and you are always subjected to the worst mother nature has to dish out. 


My Limited Sales Experience

I always wanted a better life for me and my family, so I was always on the lookout for easier and better ways to earn money.

I ventured out, from time to time, into sales jobs.

Knocking doors for Fuller Brush, Kirby Vacuum cleaners, and a few others.

I have to say, knocking doors was the best education I ever received. The life skills you gain are simply something you can not buy. And you will certainly never receive that kind of practical education from a University.

I finally landed a job with a national company selling costume jewelry. This was my dream position at that time in my life. The money was very good and I was my own boss. I covered a large part of Texas, setting up accounts with Drug and Department stores. I lived in motels, ate a lot of junk food, and dressed in a suit.

Truth is....... I hate wearing a suit, and I hated always being on the road. 

Moving Forward

By 1989 I had decided construction wasn't really all that bad. I started building storage sheds and quickly worked my way up. To make a long story short, I started my own business and enjoyed several years of prosperity in the construction business.

About 10 years ago my wife was working with an MLM involving scented candles, and I was working with a sports drink MLM. It was interesting to me that the traditional MLM was still teaching friends and family marketing, like the old days.

Most actually discouraged any online marketing. I thought to myself, this is the 21st century. Their must be an unlimited international market available on the internet. I did a little research and discovered, sure enough, the market does exist and their are people making lots of money with internet marketing. 

Like everyone else who tries this business, I quickly found a product to promote started spamming my affiliate link everywhere. I expected quick riches, and soon discovered it really was not that simple. I made a lot of mistakes and had absolutely no success. I am about as hard headed as they come, and refused to give up.

After several years of struggling, with no real understanding of what I was doing wrong, I finally started listening to people who had found success in their business. This is when things turned around for me. This is why I stress the importance of proper education and mindset. You absolutely must learn how to market properly, and how to think like a successful person. Then and only then will you succeed at promoting your online business.

As the Founder and CEO of Legendary Home Business, I can assure you....

There is a right way to approach building an online home business, and their is absolutely many wrong ways.

The wrong ways are very frustrating and will cost you a lot of money before you finally throw in the towel.

The right way is very rewarding and profitable. 😃

The Good Life

Everybody has their own description of The Good Life. But the bottom line is, The Good Life is being able to do what you want, when you want, without regard to how much it cost.

I have heard people say Money can't buy happiness, but that usually comes from people who have no money.

My sweet wife and I enjoy doing the things we want, when we want, which is a real blessing.


What About You


My story is probably not that unusual. As I said i'm just a regular guy.

If you are reading this and my story resonates with you...

If your like most people, just working your way through life with a desire for more.

More time, more money, more freedom and a truly amazing lifestyle for you and your family.

Maybe you have tried different things and like me, finally settled into a traditional business leaving you with an acceptable middle class lifestyle.

If you're sick and tired of just doing OK, and you are ready for a real breakthrough...

Me and the entrepreneurs I collaborate with can help you. Just as we have helped thousands of others like you.

I would like to invite you to attend the free masterclass I am hosting. We will give you the blueprint to follow that can change your life -- no fluff, no nonsense.

This could really be exactly what you have been looking for.


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